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Roots, Reggae & Dub Artist

Who is Sistah Jahia?

Sistah Jahia is an Afro-Caribbean Reggae, Roots and Dub singer who speaks in Creole, English and French. Through her conscious and committed texts, she affirms

its Faith in Jah Rastafari, advocates Universal Love and claims its African origins.

On stage, she is on a mission, Haile Selassie I is her Guide and her voice, a Weapon.

It was in high school that she wrote her first texts, recorded her first titles and chose her spiritual name: Sistah Jahia.


“The Key to happiness, it’s up to you to seek it deep in your heart. » (Zion - Sistah Jahia).

 In 2010, a trip to Africa brought her back to music and it was at this moment that she became aware of her mission and returned to writing. This desire to share positive vibrations in music will lead her to meet activist artists of French-speaking Reggae such as the Dub poet, singer and storyteller Sista Caro who will put her in contact with the Guadeloupean Producers/Composers Killah from Asham Studio and Jekel from Konka Prod with whom she will release the titles #FemmeDeCouleur and #OhJahJah. This collaboration will allow her to work with Dr Ls Liberty Prod for whom she will record several titles including #Mawon (available in a semi-acoustic version on the album Nyahbinghi).

She will prove herself in the Parisian Dub scene by accompanying Sound System such as Positive Vibration, I Love Sound or Roots Meditation, she will make recordings for productions such as Ragga Dub Force (Title: Settle Down), Seedness Record and I Love Sound (Title: Zion Man), 6TMD Prod (Night & Day), etc. In 2012, back in Guadeloupe, she will continue to sing Reggae, and many active members of the Reggae community evolving on the island will support her in this approach such as Tiwony, Ras Abbya (from the group Freedom Fighters) or even Asaliah Gad (Jahlawa Foundation ) and Selecta Manworks.

She will do several Live scenes like the first part of Little Guerrier (Guyana),

of Sizzla Kalonji (Jamaica), the Rasta Market of Saint-Pierre (Martinique), the Marley Marathon (Martinique), the Trafalgar Reggae Festival (Dominica).

Sistah Jahia's first album, titled Nyahbinghi, was released on December 22, 2022 in digital and USB format. To date, Sistah Jahia has been able to present this album in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Dominica, she will open for Danakil and Queen Omega next October and December, then follow a European tour organized for the start

of December 2023, as well as other dates planned for the year 2024

in Africa and the Caribbean.

The presentation of the album through the singles which were revealed throughout 2022

earned Sistah Jahia a first nomination for Reggae Victories 2022 as well as a first production with an international label REBEL CITY PRODUCTION (New York/Jamaica) which will produce the title “Empress on the Rise”.

You can discover the video clips of the first six extracts from this album as well as that of the title Empress on the Rise, by clicking HERE .

Sistah Jahia received a welcome commensurate with the work provided, in fact the titles of the album were broadcast in several countries such as Germany, Belgium, Kenya, France or even Jamaica, South Africa , the American Virgin Islands, England, Ghana, as well as Trinidad and Tobago. the artist also produced Itw in order to make himself known on the one hand, but also and above all, in order to present his album, the people who worked on its creation and its distribution.

The album #Nyahbinghi is produced by Jahiwell Production (Dominique/Guadeloupe), the tracks were recorded with musicians in Guadeloupe and Saint Lucia, with the support of:

Highly Blessed (instrument recording),

Bik Band Record (Drums recording),

Audio Design (voice & mix recording),

Kartman (Mastering),

Makali Douglas (Nyahbinghi Mix Title),

Menej'Art (communication/management).

We warmly thank all the people who, near and far, worked on the creation of this album and particularly to the musicians who participated in this project:

Bobo Nattywell (Bass),

Issa Drumy (Drums),

Racine (Guitar),

Bugs Emmanuel (Guitar Title Bun Dem),

Mika (Bass Tracks Ice Gold and Green and Bun Dem),

Roots I (Pezrcussions/Keyboard),

Rony Julia (Guitar),

Ras Jammy (Percussion),

Joel Plantier (Petites Percussions),

Ras Béni (Keyboard/Mélodica).

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